White Dog Names Ideas

500 Best White Dog Names Ideas & Meanings – List of {2020}

White Dog Names Ideas

Did you recently get a white canine? Or are you planning to have a white dog join your family? Choosing a name for a canine can be a hard process. While you may want to select a name that’s easy to pronounce while calling your dog inside the park, you also want a name that represents your domestic dog and their character.

A good area to start looking for the correct canine call is a list of names that fit your dog’s vibrant white coat. So we’ve handpicked a list of the white dog names for men and females, big and small. For each one, we’ve protected a definition and characteristics to make certain you find the one that matches the one you love puppy perfectly.

White Dog Names with Meaning

White Dog NamesMeaning
🐕 Anjo                   (angel)
🐕 Alaska                (malamute)
🐕 Angel                 (calm character dog)
🐕 Angel                 (colder climate)
🐕 Artemis               (Greek goddess)
🐕 Beluga                 (white whale)
🐕 Bianco                (white Italian)
🐕 Blanco                (white Spanish)
🐕 Blizzard               (full of energy)
🐕 Blondie              (lucky white dog)
🐕 Crystal                 (Gorgeous name for a white dog)
🐕 Custard             (silly puppy)
🐕 Daisy                 (Great name white)
🐕 Golf Ball    (fluffy Pomeranian)
🐕 Grizzly               (furry white dog)
🐕 Iceberg             (Great name for a white dog of any size)
🐕 Lily                    (water flower)
🐕 Luna                 (moon in Italian and Spanish)
🐕 Magnolia           (elegant flower)
🐕 Marshmallow    (huge fluffy dog)
🐕 Marzipan           (Marzi)
🐕 Mayo                  (silly puppy)
🐕 Milky                 (classic name for any white dog)
🐕 Snow White(Disney princess)
🐕 Snowy                 (Cute and simple)
🐕 Sparkle                (cute white lapdog)

Most Unique White Dog Names

When we give the title to our family dog, there are lots of reasons to be considered while choosing the name. That’s why we are here. In this article, we are going to discuss a unique name for your white dog and we also describe their meaning.

These names perfectly shine up to your beautiful four-legged dog’s color and personality.

Most Unique White Dog NamesMeanings
🐕 Cloud(fluffy white dog)
🐕 Igloo(A shortens to Iggy)
🐕 Ghost(Game of Thrones)
🐕 Allegra(joyful)
🐕 Rex(king)
🐕 Button(cute)
🐕 Scrappy       (deep feeling dog)
🐕 Cassiopeia                          (queen in Greek)
🐕 Dianna                                (the hunter)
🐕 Endellion                            (funny)
🐕 Lady                                    (most royal of dogs)
🐕 Badar                                  (Full Moon)
🐕 Nari                                     (Lily in Korean)
🐕 Saturn                                 (God of wealth lucky)
🐕 Albus                                  (white Dumbledore’s beard)
🐕 Shy                                     (Joyous gift)
🐕 Sprite(hunter)
🐕 Stella                                 (classical name)
🐕 Apric                                 (apricot coloring)

Male White Dog Names

If you have a white & cute male dog and you are searching for best male dog names then you can find out some outclass white male dog names from here.

🐕 Benny🐕 Cliff
🐕 Bernard🐕 Comet
🐕 Bertie🐕 Connor
🐕 Blake🐕 Diesel
🐕 Bo🐕 Donald
🐕 Buddy🐕 Dude
🐕 Caesar🐕 Duke
🐕 Casper🐕 Falcon
🐕 Charles🐕 Fergus
🐕 Chico🐕 Flash
🐕 Francis🐕 Hugo
🐕 Freddie🐕 Jack
🐕 George🐕 Jasper
🐕 Hector🐕 Jonah
🐕 Hermes🐕 Ludo
🐕 Marn🐕 Merlin
🐕 Milo🐕 Miran
🐕 Noah🐕 Otis
🐕 Pablo🐕 Remus
🐕 Romeo🐕 Roscoe
🐕 Scout🐕 Sebastian

Female White Dog Names

A female white dog is always a very cute, caring, and self-defense dog. She has awesome nature that’s the way their name should be as their personality. Here are some cute names for your fury.

🐕 Celeste🐕 Mia
🐕 Chardonnay🐕 Luna
🐕 Christina🐕 Lola
🐕 Daisy🐕 Lily
🐕 Diamond🐕 Ivy
🐕 Dove🐕 Iris
🐕 Elle🐕 Hermione
🐕 Elsie🐕 Haiku
🐕 Fina🐕 Glimmer
🐕 Fiona🐕 Flo
🐕 Misty🐕 Pippa
🐕 Molly🐕 Rhubarb
🐕 Noelle🐕 Dove
🐕 Olive🐕 Elle
🐕 Olivia🐕 Elsie
🐕 Orchid🐕 Fina
🐕 Orla🐕 Fiona
🐕 Pandora🐕 Flo
🐕 Pearl🐕 Glimmer
🐕 Periwinkle🐕 Haiku

Cute White Dog Names

Cute dogs are famous for their cuteness like eyes, beautiful hair and sweet bark (voice). People mostly like this type of dog for their family. These are acceptable in each size. Here are some cute names for your four-legged.

🐕 Ace🐕 Caterina
🐕 Albie🐕 Coco
🐕 Amber🐕 Cotton
🐕 Ava🐕 Fairy
🐕 Blue🐕 Faye
🐕 Brooklyn🐕 Ferne
🐕 Bubba🐕 Fluffy
🐕 Bubbles🐕 Freckles
🐕 Buttermilk🐕 Gidget
🐕 Candy🐕 Gracie
🐕 Gypsy🐕 Ivy
🐕 Harper🐕 Kisses
🐕 Koda🐕 Puro

White Boy Dog Names

Do you have a white dog boy?

Now searching for his name? You are now in the perfect place for choosing handsome white boy dog names.

🐕 Cotton🐕 Faye
🐕 Puro🐕 Ferne
🐕 Bubba🐕 Fluffy
🐕 Bubbles🐕 Phlox
🐕 Buttermilk🐕 Foggy
🐕 Candy🐕 Twinkle
🐕 Caterina🐕 Nimbus
🐕 Coco🐕 Sparkle
🐕 Cotton🐕 Diamond
🐕 Fairy🐕 Yoghurt

White Girl Dog Names

Here you will see some amazing and beautiful White girl dog name for your little puppy.

🐕 Christina🐕 Lola
🐕 Daisy🐕 Luna
🐕 Diamond🐕 Mia
🐕 Dove🐕 Misty
🐕 Elle🐕 Molly
🐕 Elsie🐕 Noelle
🐕 Fina🐕 Olive
🐕 Fiona🐕 Olivia
🐕 Flo🐕 Orchid
🐕 Glimmer🐕 OrlaPandora
🐕 Haiku🐕 Pearl
🐕 Hermione🐕 Periwinkle
🐕 Iris🐕 Pandora
🐕 Ivy🐕 Pippa
🐕 Lily🐕 Rhubarb
🐕 Rosalba🐕 Rose
🐕 Sandra🐕 Snowflake
🐕 Sydney🐕 Tabitha
🐕 Tahani🐕 Wren

Cool White Dog Names


There are some cool and wonderful names for your White dogs and puppies. You will love these adorable, awesome, and silly ideas for your special male and the female dog.

🐕 Jasper🐕 Remus
🐕 Jonah🐕 Romeo
🐕 Ludo🐕 Roscoe
🐕 Marn🐕 Scout
🐕 Merlin🐕 Sebastian
🐕 Milo🐕 Sirius
🐕 Miran🐕 Stanley
🐕 Noah🐕 Timmy
🐕 Otis🐕 Titus
🐕 Pablo🐕 Toby
🐕 Walter🐕 Wesley
🐕 Wilbur🐕 Winston
🐕 Wren🐕 Sydney
🐕 Bolt🐕 Fiona
🐕 Elsie🐕 Iris

Funny White Dog Names


Prefer a humorous name on your companion?

Here are some of our picks for funny white names for puppies and some shout outs to well-known puppies in the media.
These funny names will have inspired you.

🐕 Bolt🐕 Fenton
🐕 Bubblegum🐕 Fido
🐕 Cabana🐕 Frodo
🐕 Captain🐕 Jabba
🐕 Catnip🐕 Jackson
🐕 Chewie🐕 Kermit
🐕 Cleopatra🐕 Lolita
🐕 Edna🐕 Lucky
🐕 Elsa🐕 Marsh
🐕 Ewok🐕 Mary
🐕 Pluto🐕 Peabody
🐕 Pongo🐕 Noodles
🐕 Prince Phillip🐕 Nugget
🐕 Rover🐕 Pavlov
🐕 Salt🐕 Peanut

Small White Dog Names

Small white dogs are very cute and liked everyone. A small white dog is too fluffy and cute. Most people choose for their family small sized. Here a list of small dog names hopes so you will like these.

🐕 Baby🐕 Doodle
🐕 Bluebell🐕 Dot
🐕 Bootsy🐕 Echo
🐕 Carlin🐕 Elf (or Elfie)
🐕 Danny🐕 Hans
🐕 Darcey🐕 Hermes
🐕 Dill🐕 Hobbit
🐕 Dinky🐕 Honey
🐕 Dobby🐕 Hovis
🐕 Dolly🐕 Imp
🐕 Jellybean🐕 Little One
🐕 Joy🐕 Max
🐕 Maltese🐕 Meatball
🐕 Frise🐕 Samoyed
🐕 Havanese🐕 Poodle

Most Popular White Dog Names

Get the most popular names for White dogs and puppies. You love those adorable, awesome, and silly thoughts for your special male and the woman dog.

🐕 Samoyed🐕 Sheepdog
🐕 Maltese🐕 Bolognese
🐕 Bichon🐕 Havanese
🐕 Frise🐕 Maltese
🐕 Bull Terrier🐕 Poodle
🐕 Great Pyrenees🐕 Pomeranian
🐕 American🐕 Bedlington
🐕 Eskimo Dog🐕 Terrier
🐕 Japanese Spitz🐕 Pekingese
🐕 Maremma🐕 Cupcake

White Dog Names Inspired By Food


These types of dogs are very cute and as sweet as their names. Inspired by food names means these dogs have food habits or nature like Biscuit, egg

🐕 Cashew🐕 Cupcake
🐕 Coconut🐕 Custard
🐕 Coolwhip🐕 Eggs, Eggy, or Egg Nog
🐕 Crackers🐕 Frosting
🐕 Cream Puff🐕 Ginger
🐕 Ice Cream🐕 Pistachio
🐕 Jellybean🐕 Porkchop
🐕 Marshmallow🐕 Peppermint
🐕 Marzipan or Marzabean🐕 Oreo
🐕 Mayo🐕 Noodle
🐕 Popcorn🐕 Spuds
🐕 Salty🐕 Sugar
🐕 Tofu🐕 Truffle
🐕 Dinky🐕 Dobby
🐕 Dolly🐕 Echo

For More Great Dog names

It is very important to choose a great name for your new white puppy.  Naming dogs is an enjoyable and interesting process in itself. But, similar choosing a good name for your puppy can be a very difficult task.

If you have any other type of ideas for White dog names, we would like to know what his or her name and from inspiration so came from.


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