Mexican Dog Names – 500+ Most Popular Male and Female Mexican Dog Names

Mexican Dog Names

Mexican Dog, Mexican dog names are particularly becoming for a new puppy Chihuahua or a Xolo but can also be well applicable for domestic dogs that hail from the southwestern states that border Mexico likes Arizona, California or New Mexico.

Mexican Dog NamesMeanings
Bruiser Elle Woods didn’t go anywhere without her puppy named Bruiser.
Coco Cesar Millan’s dog featured on the television series Dog Whisperer.
Mimi Sharon Osbourne’s pet Chihuahua
Ren Höek Of Ren and Stimpy fame
Tinkerbell One of Paris Hilton’s pets that she famously carted around in her purse
Bambi Hilton’s other Chihuahua.
Tito The Chihuahua in the Walt Disney feature animation Oliver and Company

Popular Mexican Dog Names

Popular Mexican names for dogs also are a great choice for someone originally from Mexico or someone that visits on a normal basis and virtually enjoys a specific region in Mexico.

Popular Mexican Dog NamesMeanings
Beans This male dog will put a smile on your face every time you see him. This dog is very sharp and normally lights up a room when he enters.
BentleyA powerful pick, which is also the name of a top line car. This dog is proud, confident and loyal to his owners.
Boogie Give this male dog name to the male whose bark is worse than his bite. This pooch personality is one of authority. A cool pick for the Chic that likes to be the boss
Brownie A great moniker for a nice, lovable boy pup that absolutely adores being near his owners. Too much popular in the people
Cash Money represents power, and these small dogs have a lot of power and quality of popularity. Use this name for a boy that has a little attitude and a lot of confidence.

Best Mexican Dog Names

Whether you have got Mexican historical past or you’re only a fan of the culture, giving your canine a name inspired by this vibrant country is a super idea. Mexico has many special regions, a long, colorful history, and many charming places to visit. And, of course, there’s also the food to consider… Mexican meals are some of the tastiest to be found! Give your pup the best name related to Mexico and every time you call him you’ll be reminded of delicious cuisine, art, and historical civilizations, among different things!

Best Mexican Dog NamesMeanings
Gidget The best and adorable dog from the Taco Bell commercials who says, “”¡Yo quiero Taco Bell. In real life, this pup’s name is Gidget
Boo Boo This dog is the world’s smallest living dog according to Guinness Book of World Records.
Gandhi Fashioned after a relatively small man in stature who accomplished great things, any small boy dog would be honored to wear this.
Lucky Whether you feel lucky to have found this best dog, or this little guy is lucky to have found such a nice home, this pick can be a perfect fit for a dog that luckily got a new chance in your life.
Major This name that demands respect, this is a great choice for a boy that has a lot of bark, or runs the household.

Male Mexican Dog names with meaning

Remember that Chihuahuas have become extremely famous for the duration of the United States within the ultimate 10-20 years, so finding a unique title in your new puppy is important. Something about that canine made him particular to you, so don’t forget what this is before selecting any male name.

Male Mexican Dog names Meanings
Pablo A great male dog name for the boy that originates from Mexico, a Spanish name seems fitting. In Spanish, this name means “small” or “humble,” so would fit a Chihuahua perfectly.
Peanut Excellent things come in small packages, much like the yummy food, so why not name your pet with this thought in mind?
Romeo This dog has a sweet, lovable side, so pay tribute to this adoring personality trait, by calling your male pet after the romantic character.
Peso This little guy too much attractive and loveable.
Lewis This small puppy has lot of wisdom and humble.
Victor Nice and strong body Mexican dog

Female Mexican Dog Names

If you saw the latest movie Coco you may understand the Xoloitzcuintli breed in Miguel’s friend, the street canine Dante. Dante is a loyal associate for Miguel, always looking out for his exceptional pastimes and looking to protect him from harm. Although they aren’t especially cute (they may be hairless, after all), the Xolo is an important breed in Mexican history. There is even a geneticist seeking to have it given World Heritage designation!

Female Mexican Dog NamesMeanings
Maya In the honor of the Maya indigenous group of Mexico
Concha This type of sweet bread commonly eaten with breakfast
Patsy This name inspired by the town of Pátzcuaro, Michoacán
Paz Octavio Paz, Mexican poet and diplomat, beautiful queen
Cholula A beautiful city in the state of Puebla, This name for attractive lady
Margarita a popular cocktail associated with Mexico, unique personality
Tulum A popular vacation destination in the Riviera Maya, aggressive
Sonora After the Mexican state of the same name, stylish

Unique Mexican Dog Names

Some owners might want to do not forget Mexican or Spanish names for puppies for his or her new pup without a doubt due to the fact they like the sound of it. There are some alternatives that certainly roll off the tongue and is probably ideally suited for any pooch!

Unique Mexican Male & Female Dog Names

Unique Mexican Male Dog Names Unique Mexican Female Dog Names
Felicia Gitana
Armando Rosa
Jacinta Jericho

Cool Mexican Dog Names

If you’re searching for cool dog names, look no further.

When it comes to cool dog names, there is no shortage of inspiration, from their size to their Mexican heritage to famous in pop culture.

Cool Mexican Dog NamesMeanings
Taco This is popular Mexican dish would also be a top Mexican dog name.
Toro In Spanish, this fun name is actually means bull. Matadors, or bullfighters, are quite famous in Mexico and Spain.
Torreon This location in Mexico is also one of the smart Mexican dog names.
Amigo Some of the best Mexican dog names are from Spanish words. This word means friendly in Spanish.
Guacamole This is Spanish dish would be a fun name for a dog.
Cancun Known as a tourist city? This town would be a good name for a puppy.
Dos Equis This is a popular brand of beer in Mexico and would be a fun dog name.
Manuel This is a popular Mexican name that would be cute for your young dog.
Saltillo This Mexican location would be a best name for your dog.

Famous Mexican Dog Names

Throughout this year, many famous dogs have appeared on TV, movies and in the arms of celebs. Here are some names you might have heard of.

Famous Mexican Dog NamesMeanings
Santo In Spanish, this means saint.
Jose This is an extremely famous name in Mexico.
Acapulco This city name would be a cute name for a dog.
Nacho This is an amazing and popular Mexican dish that you can find at nearly every Mexican restaurant.
Coco Cesar Millan’s dog featured on the television series Dog Whisperer.
Mimi Sharon Osborne’s pet puppy
Ren Höek Of Ren and Stimpy fame.
AlejandroThis is popular Mexican name can be easily shortened to a number of cute nicknames.

Tough Mexican Dog Names

Tough dog names are constantly ideal for that hard looking dog, however, they are equally exceptional if you want to make a statement approximately your small breed dog.

Tough Mexican Dog NamesMeanings
Armour protective covering that one wears
Atlas from Greek mythology, with the task of holding up the heavens
Ajax mythological Greek hero of the Trojan War
Badger an animal
Bandit an outlaw
Banshee a female spirit from Irish Legend
Bear any species will be tough
Biff as in Biff Tannen, mean ‘Back to the Future.
Bomb gigantic explosive weapon
Shark a predator
Sisko as in Captain Sisko from Deep Space Nine) moody dog
Spike a fictional character in Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Funny Mexican Dog Names

Are you finding the best funny Mexican dog names? That’s good now you are in the right place. Here you will find more about a lot of funny dog names. A dog’s call is very crucial and the choice for one should not be taken lightly. If you would love a call that brings a smile to people’s faces, there are many humorous dog names. Especially other cultures offer plenty of those names. Funny dog names are frequently sarcastic or refer to people.

Funny Mexican Male and Female dog Names

Funny Mexican Male Dog NamesFunny Mexican Female Dog Names
PacoJulio Juana

Cute Mexican Dog Names

If you like Mexican food, Mexican way of life, and/or vacations to Mexico, and then these lines are for you. Here’s a possibility to discover the nice/cute Mexican name to your new doggy or rescue canine.

Cute Mexican Dog NamesMeanings
Puebla This pretty name comes from a city in Mexico.
Juana This is Mexican girls name would be a cute dog name as well.
Araceli This is popular Mexican name would be adorable for your puppy.
Amiga In Spanish, this word means friendly.
Sonora This name belongs to a famous desert in Mexico.
Tigre In Spanish, this word means tiger strong body
Celaya Location names like this one would also be great dog names.
Rosa This name Spanish version of the name rose.
Armando Soldier
Amato Beloved
Burrito Little donkey
Benito Blessed
Carlos Strong
Castel Belonging to a castle
Diablo Devil
Devante Fighter of wrong