Most Popular Male and Female French Bulldog Dog Names – List in 2020

🐕500+ Most Popular Male and Female French Bulldog Dog Names – List in 2020

French Dog Names

Introduction, Are you passionate about French culture? Still over the moon after your latest ride to Paris and want to name your doggy a name that has that je ne sais quoi? Whatever the reason for your call search, we’ve got all the French pup names (for both female and male dogs) that you could ever want!

French dog names have a beautiful, state-of-the-art vibe approximately them. If you’re searching out a romantic and exotic call on your new pup, you ought to don’t forget these options, that French canine names are sweet and stylish, elegant, and classy.

French Female Dog NamesFrench Male Dog Names
Amé (beloved, caring)Amoureux (crazy lover)
Amie (friend, joyful)Aubin (beautiful, white)
Bijou (jewel, unique)Chanceux (brave, lucky)
Coquelicot (poppy, little one)Leon (like a lion)
Coquette (flirt, naughty)Heureux (excited, happy)
Esmé (helpful, lovely)Marvel (strong, admire)
Félicité (cool or lucky)Noir (black-haired)
Fleur (beautiful flower)Perceval (nice, innocent)
Libellule (joyful, dragonfly)Rififi (tough, trouble)
Papillon (naughty, butterfly)Oliver (hard body)
Vivien (smart, active, lively)Hugo (strong, aggressive)

Most Popular French Dog Names

Naming your dog can be a fun way to mirror your heritage, and French popular canine names are an exceptional way to reveal off your amour for le France! Even if you’re now not of French background, you might be looking for the ideal name for your French dog breed. Naming your dog is just the beginning of your adventure together! Use your imagination, have fun, and be sure to test out our other canine name articles for greater ideas.

French Dog NamesMeanings
Balonlike a balloon
Bastillestrong body

Bonbonsweet as candy
Bonhommegood man
Bouletteplayful, meatball
CadeauGod gifted
Caféwhite dog
Café Noirblack dog
Coquettenaughty, flirt
Éclairvery easier
Floconsnowy, grey
FrizetteLovely, Lucy
Jolieexcited, happy
Princessebeautiful princess
Rhubarbemost cute name
RodinThe popular French artist
Sourismost popular pup
Voltairestrong white

Unique French Dog Name

There are several good dog breeds from France. No count number which one you have, take lots of pictures! Before you understand it your little puppy could be an adult. If you’ve got a French bulldog, you do have a canine that doesn’t bark much, but he’ll shed. Some of them have health problems due to their flat faces, so be cautious to now not strain your dog out, keep away from taking him out when it’s miles warm and humid, and make sure you have him checked out periodically through your vet.

Here are some Unique French names for your new puppy:


French Dog Names for Poodles

Poodle names can come in many forms. From serious to funny, cute to unique, famous to popular. We have put the best among best names into categories, to help you make the right choice for your new four_ legged or rescue dog.

So whether you are looking for Toy Poodle options, Standard Poodle choices,  just general Poodle puppy names or more? we have some great options for you.

French Bulldog Girl Names

It is Guaranteed that you most likely won’t find someone else with the same name with meaning for their dog. (And if you do, that’s awesome, because it means someone else has also fabulous taste in dog names, too.)


French Bulldog Boy Names

Here are some of the most popular French Bulldog( male) names. These are based on landmarks or famous French pioneers along with some simple, unique, beautiful, and classic names! I hope so you should like these.


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