500+ Most Popular Male and Female Disney Dog Names in {2023}

Names of Disney Dog

Introduction Disney characters have been a part of almost every childhood – anyone can name a favorite hero, heroine or sidekick. The reality that Disney movies are such as huge part of our lives means many new animal guardians want to select Disney doggy names to remind them of these formative experiences. Fortunately, there are many precise Disney names to pick to your dog, whether they’re male or female. We don’t genuinely imply names of well-known Disney dogs; however, any character affiliated with the numerous Disney films through the years might offer inspiration.

If you like Disney movies, then I am sure you’ll love these dogs Disney names to your new rescue puppy. This dog names from Disney movies are very popular in several people. Disney dogs are not a breed; however, they throw a few inspirations as a separate class of dogs.

  • Bolt White German Shepherd from the movie of Bolt
  • Bowser Puppy purchased by Goofy
  • Bruno Puppy from Cinderella who chases away Lucifer the cat
  • Buster Leader of the Junkyard Dogs in Lady and the Tramp(strong body dog)
  • Butch Bulldog, Pluto’s nemesis
  • Cash Leader of the Sing in’ Strays in Fox and the Hound 2
  • Cerberus Hades’s 3 headed dog in Hercules
  • Chief Irish wolfhound in The Fox and the Hound
  • Collette Middle daughter in Lady and the Tramp
  • Fifi Pekingese & Pluto’s girlfriend
  • Lafayette Basset Hound from The Aristocrats
  • Little Brother Mulan’s energetic pup
  • Max From The Little Mermaid
  • Nana Lovable Saint Bernard from Peter Pan

Famous Disney Dog Names

Choosing from Disney canine names is an extraordinary way to pick out a unique title on your hairy friend… it also goes down a deal with the more youthful participants of the family. Whether you are a lover of Pixar or the traditional fairy tails, there’s a call obtainable in your four-legged friend!

Famous Disney Male Dog NamesFamous Disney Female Dog Names
🐕 Aurora 🐕 Poppins
🐕 Bolt 🐕 Rapunzel
🐕 Baymax 🐕 Simba
🐕 Buzz 🐕 Stitch
🐕 Cinderella 🐕 Tarzan
🐕 Copper 🐕 Tiger Lily
🐕 Hercules 🐕 Lady
🐕 Jiminy 🐕 Kiara
🐕 Jasmine 🐕 Kronk

Best Disney Dog Names

Have you also love Disney movies? If yes then there are so many best Disney dog names that can make the perfect name for your pup! We’ve gone through a ton of Disney movies to pull up all the best names from the characters that you love. Not only that we’ve gone deep and found some of the less known characters also to include in these lists.

We’ll start off with some names of best Disney dogs and then follow up with other Disney and Pixar character names that may work for your dog.

Best Disney Dog NamesMeanings
🐕 Brunofrom Cinderella (beautiful)
🐕 Bullfrom Lady and the Tramp( caring)
🐕 Cadpigfrom 101 Dalmatians (puppy) (dashing)
🐕 ChiefChief
🐕 Colonelfrom 101 Dalmatians (sheepdog)(stuuny little pup)
🐕 Copperfrom The Fox and the Hound (the hound) dark reddish hair
🐕 Dannyfrom 101 Dalmatians (bright color)
🐕 Daschiefrom Lady and the Tramp (loving)
🐕 Dip-Stick from 101 Dalmatians (nice body puppy)
🐕 Dodgerfrom Oliver and Company (friendly)
🐕 Einsteinfrom Oliver and Company (friendly)
🐕 Fidgetfrom 101 Dalmatians (puppy)( white dashing)
🐕 Frecklesfrom 101 Dalmatians (puppy)(dashing)
🐕 Georgettefrom Oliver and Company (like a family member)
🐕 Goofygreat name for a black-and-white dog) beautiful
🐕 Jewel from 101 Dalmatians (puppy) yellow bright
🐕 Jock from Lady and the Tramp (Scottish terrier) strong body
.Lady from Lady and the Tramp (brave)
🐕 Lady from Lady and the Tramp (brave)
🐕 Lafayette from The Aristocats(naughty)
🐕 Lucky from 101 Dalmatians (puppy) friendly
🐕 Max from The Little Mermaid white & orange
🐕 MuffinSnow White’s poodlegrray & white puppy
🐕 NanaSaint Bernard from Peter Pan lucky for the family
🐕 Napoleon from The Aristocats wise dog
🐕 Patch from 101 Dalmatians (puppy) friendly

Male & Female Disney Dog Names

Are you finding the perfect name for a new four-legged family member? It can be a lot of fun, though this it can also require a lot of thought, consideration, and a good dose of creativity! You want to find the best name for your male and female puppy, one that perfectly suits their personality (and of course, your own and it’s his or her right). If you have any interest in the magic and whimsy of the world of Disney, then your search for the best dog name has just come to an end. We have compiled for you a comprehensive list of best Disney dog names,

Male & Female Disney Dog NamesMeanings
🐕 Pluto black & white
🐕 Pongo shining white like snow
🐕 Pumpkin beautiful pup
🐕 Purdy friendly
🐕 Rafa strong puppy
🐕 Rita friendly
🐕 Rolly secret friend
🐕 Rusty beautiful, charm
🐕 Spotty helpful puppy
🐕 Stella beautiful & cool
🐕 Sultan cool and charm body
🐕 Thunder light grey hair dog
🐕 Thunderbolt German dog Cheerful, determined, heroic
🐕 Tito playful, helpful
🐕 Toughy moody
🐕 Tramp cool, friendly
🐕 Trusty strong, cool, powerful body
🐕 Two-Tone Two-Tone
🐕 Yeller yellow-haired

Cool Disney Dog Names

Choosing from Cool Disney dog names is a great way to choose a unique title for your furry friend… it also goes down a treat with the handsome members of the family. Whether you are a lover of Pixar or the classic fairy tails, there’s a name out there for your cool friend!

Cool Disney Dog NamesMeanings
🐕 Toby helpful, naughty
🐕 Lady graceful
🐕 Penny graceful
🐕 Max graceful
🐕 Trusty Charm, sweet, chatty
🐕 Dodger Clever, sweet, confident
🐕 Pongo Mischievous, loving, confident
🐕 Copper Brave, playful, beautiful
🐕 Bolt Heroic, aggressive
🐕 Bruno Protective, so kind

Funny Disney Dog Names

When adopting a Funny male dog, Disney names can provide some of the most fun and appropriate names for your new four-legged friends. Here is an extensive/cool list to choose from.

Funny Disney Dog Names
🐕 Alan-a-Dale
🐕 Auguste
🐕 Bagheera
🐕 Baloo
🐕 Bambi
🐕 Bashful
🐕 Basil
🐕 Beast
🐕 Berlioz
🐕 Buzz Lightyear
🐕 Caterpillar
🐕 Chien-Po
🐕 Clayton
🐕 Clopin
🐕 Cogsworth
🐕 Dallben
🐕 Dash
🐕 Diablo
🐕 Doc
🐕 Donald Duck
🐕 Dopey
🐕 Dormouse
🐕 Dumbo
🐕 Eeyore
🐕 Eric
🐕 Father Wolf
🐕 Fflewddur Fflam
🐕 Fergus
🐕 Figaro

Cute Disney Dog Names

The most basic tip to choose the cute name for your dog is to find a simple, meaningful name that’s easy to call. Since Disney characters are usually short and they’re familiar for everyone, a Disney name will be most perfect. It’s always best to choose a cute name that reflects your dog’s looks or personality. If you have a Dalmatian, Pongo, Rambo, Perdita will be perfect. If you have a fluffy, snowy, red-coated dog, why not name them Robin Hood or Ariel? Of course, some Disney characters like Pluto or Goofy are dogs, but you can also consider the names of another animal like muse, cat characters if their personality fits.

Cute Disney Male Dog NamesCute Disney Female Dog Names
🐕 Ariel🐕 Jasmine
🐕 Aladdin🐕 Kronk
🐕 Aurora 🐕 Kiara
🐕 Bolt🐕 Pluto
🐕 Baymax🐕 Perdita
🐕 Buzz🐕 Poppins
🐕 Cinderella🐕 Rapunzel
🐕 Goofy🐕 Simba
🐕 Georgette🐕 Stitch
🐕 Hercules 🐕 Tarzan
🐕 Jiminy🐕 Baymax

Unique Disney Dog Names

Think Unique and chances are you are going to be considering puppies – and about Disney.

On this page we’ve put together a number of the maximum memorable Disney characters of all time, providing you with some unique canine names to choose from. Choose your favorite movie, pick out your preferred character, or just choose a name that resonates with you (and works in your pup, of course).

To get your search started we have picked out a few names from the list below.

Unique Disney Male Dog Names

Unique Disney Male Dog NamesMeanings
🐕 Bing BongBest friend
🐕 BrunoBest friend
🐕 CarlMain character from Up (brave)
🐕 ChernabogGargoyle-like creature from Fantasia (unique)
🐕 CubbyA Lost Boy from Peter Pan(naughty)
🐕 DashCool & Helpful
🐕 Dugwisdom charm
🐕 Fergusstrong body Brave
🐕 Flubbercute haire
🐕 GoofyPopular dog famous
🐕 Gremfriendly
🐕 Grimsbylittle bear
🐕 Hopperagressive
🐕 Kevinjumping dog

Unique Disney Female Dog Names

Unique Disney Female Dog NamesMeanings
🐕 Atta snowy lady
🐕 Bambi female deer
🐕 Belle beautiful princess
🐕 Boo too much charming & pretty
🐕 Clarabelle bright eyes
🐕 Dinah careful, kind confidante
🐕 Dory crazy bear
🐕 Dottie reddish, yellow flower

Disney Character Dog Names

Who doesn’t love Disney movies, especially people with lovable, cheerful dogs that convey a smile for your face! Everyone has their preferred Disney canine character and in many instances, these favorite pups affect us when selecting the call for our new pooch. Throughout the years, Disney has given us a plethora of dog characters which have made us laugh, cry, scream and fall in love. These Disney puppies are available in all shapes, sizes, and breeds. Your new puppy’s name will reflect your love of all things Disney and the humanized dog characters which have stolen our hearts for the years.

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Disney Character Dog NamesMeanings
🐕 Butch Bulldog Butch Bulldog
🐕 Lafayette Bassett Hound from The Aristocrats; friends with Napoleon the Bloodhound
🐕 Copper The Coonhound puppy from The Fox and the Hound
🐕 Tramp Mongrel that falls in love with Lady in Lady and the Tramp
🐕 Colonel The Old English Sheepdog from 101 Dalmatians
🐕 Shadow The old Golden Retriever from Homeward Bound
🐕 Yeller The Blackmouth Cur from the classic Old Yeller
🐕 Beethoven The incorrigible Saint Bernard in the Beethoven series
🐕 Bolivar Donald Duck’s mild-mannered Saint Bernard
🐕 Sparky From Frankenweenie; Victor Frankenstein’s dog
🐕 Winston From the short animated film Feast
🐕 Ronnie Pluto’s Saint Bernard puppy friend

Tough Disney Dog Names

If you have a tough-looking dog/puppy and you may want to give him a name that sounds tough!

When you purchase a new puppy or adopt a rescue canine, you’ll want to come up with a first-rate name for him or her if he doesn’t already have one. If you have your coronary heart set on a canine name that’s based totally on an actual Disney character, there are dozens of animals to select from.

Tough Disney Dog Names
🐕 Tob
🐕 Stella
🐕 Rolly
🐕 Pongo
🐕 Pluto
🐕 Perdita
🐕 Percy
🐕 Penny
🐕 Patch
🐕 Nana
🐕 Max
🐕 Lucky
🐕 Lady