100 Most Popular Chinese Dog Names Ideas

Beautiful Chinese Dog Names 

Are you considering bringing a dog into your house? 

If that is true, you’re likely going to have lots of things in your mind.  Can your pet have sufficient space?  Are you going to be able to devote a good deal of time together with it?  Having a puppy is a superb obligation and as owners, we have to devote to covering all its physical, psychological, and societal demands. 

As soon as you’ve determined that it is the ideal moment to expand the household together with the constantly unique and reassuring presence of a Dog, you need to plan different questions that are equally as significant. 

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Among the most complex choices, you need to make is picking a name for the dog.

You will certainly be on the lookout for a name that adjusts to your personal preference, but you likely need it to be more unique.  Deciding on a name from another language is a great method to become motivated. we have compiled a myriad of Chinese titles for puppies and their significance. 

Stay with us and select an exceptional name to your Dog – even if you reside in China and also the titles are more popular, they are still amazing!

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Chinese Dog Names For Male

🐕 BaiWhite
🐕 Changing Forever bright
🐕 Chen Great
🐕 Chen Gong Success
🐕 Cheung Good luck
🐕 DàBig
🐕 Chaoxiang Expecting a fortune
🐕 Dao Knife or Sword
🐕 DiandianSpot
🐕 Dingxiang Stability and Fortune
🐕 FangBeautiful
🐕 Fu HanBroad-minded
🐕 GengiGolden
🐕 Heng Eternal
🐕 Huan Happiness
🐕 Hui Splendor
🐕 Ji Lucky
🐕 JiaBeautiful
🐕 JinGold
🐕 JúnHandsome
🐕 Junjie outstanding
🐕 LanElegant
🐕 Lei Thunder
🐕 Liang Excellent
🐕 Ling Compassion
🐕 Lok Happiness
🐕 Longwei The greatness of a dragon
🐕 MeiBeautiful
🐕 Ming-HuaBrilliant
🐕 NàGraceful
🐕 Ping Stable
🐕 Quan Fresh water spring
🐕 Quon Bright
🐕 WeiTall
🐕 Weisheng Greatness is born
🐕 Weizhe Great sage
🐕 Xiao BaiWhite
🐕 Xin New
🐕 XueSnow
🐕 XunFast
🐕 Yongrui Forever lucky

Chinese Dog Names For Female

🐕 Ai Loving
🐕 Anpeaceful
🐕 Ben BenFoolish
🐕 ChaoLeap
🐕 ChéngTrue
🐕 Chun Hua Spring flower
🐕 Chynna Fine porcelain
🐕 DáClever
🐕 Dong Mei Winter plum
🐕 Fang Fragrant
🐕 FènStrive
🐕 GangStrong
🐕 GuiyingBrave
🐕 HéHarmony
🐕 Hua Flower
🐕 HuáSplendid
🐕 HuángBright
🐕 HuiWise
🐕 Jia Beautiful
🐕 JiànStrong
🐕 JùEnormous
🐕 Jun obedient
🐕 JunKing
🐕 Lee Plum
🐕 LíReasonable
🐕 Lian Dainty and delicate
🐕 Lin Beautiful jade
🐕 Luliv Dewy jasmine
🐕 Mei Beautiful flower or Gorgeous
🐕 Meiying Beautiful flower
🐕 MinClever
🐕 Mingmei Bright and beautiful
🐕 Nao NaoNaughty
🐕 NíngSerene
🐕 Nuan Affectionate
🐕 NuanWarm
🐕 PingPeaceful
🐕 QiangEnergetic
🐕 RúScholar
🐕 Sai HuFast
🐕 Shu Warm-hearted
🐕 ShuCharming
🐕 Sying Star
🐕 TangtangSweetie
🐕 Xiaolian little lotus
🐕 XinyiJoyful
🐕 Xue Snow
🐕 YongBrave
🐕 YúDelightful
🐕 Yue Moon
🐕 Yuming brightness
🐕 Zhen Chaste
🐕 Zhenzhen Precious
🐕 Zi beautiful

Final Word

If you still searching for the ideal Chinese Dog Names, we recommend having a peek at our other lists.

You will get to the ideal option!

Chines dog titles are a gorgeous selection for your pet.  In case you’ve got a Chinese dog breed, then you should certainly consider these choices.  And even though your puppy does not have Chinese roots, you should still check them out: