500+ Unique Japanese Dog Names with Meanings in 2023

Japanese dog names are beautiful, precise, and most popular meaningful – an incredible choice for your canine. You can rest assured that no other domestic dog at the canine park will have an identical name! The majority of canine breeds originating in Japan have pointy ears and turned-up tails and can vary in length from small to more large size.

Popular breeds consist of the Shiba Inu, Akita Inu, Kai Inu, Hokkaido Inu, Kishu Inu, and Shikoku Inu. (“Inu” means canine in Japanese, which could additionally make a top-notch dog name.)

Male Japanese Dog Names


Male Japanese Dog NamesMeanings
🐕 Takahiro noble
🐕 Haruto sun flying, beautiful
🐕 Kaoru fragrance
🐕 Katashi firm
🐕 Taiki shine
🐕 Takashi noble
🐕 Hideki excellent timber trees
🐕 Hiroaki wide, spacious light
🐕 Sora sky

Female Japanese Dog Names

These female names are most popular in the country and make beautiful Japanese dog names. These are too cute, loving, and caring owners.

Female Japanese Dog Names

Female Japanese Dog NamesMeanings
🐕 Masa just / true
🐕 Hitomi pupil of the eye
🐕 Hoshiko star child
🐕 Mao dance cherry blossom
🐕 Mariko true village child
🐕 Hotaru firefly
🐕 Izumi spring, fountain
🐕 Kamiko superior child
🐕 Katsumi victorious beauty

Japanese inspired Dog NamesJapanese inspired Dog Names

Japanese canine names don’t be constrained to Japanese canine breeds.

In fact, there are such a lot of beautiful, evocative, and provoking meanings in the back of Japanese canine names, that they’re a first-rate location to search for any pup.

Japanese inspired Dog Names Girls

Japanese inspired Dog Names Girls

Japanese girl canine names variety from the stunning to the elegant. And if you have a sweet, girl pup entering your existence who desires a name as feminine and beautiful as she is, then that is the listing for you!

Japanese inspired Dog Names (Girl)Meanings
🐕 Miwapeace
🐕 Ayameiris
🐕 Yasupeace
🐕 Maidance
🐕 Yurilily
🐕 Rindignified
🐕 Asami morning beauty
🐕 Choubutterfly
🐕 Keiblessing, mercy

Japanese Boy inspired Dog Names

Japanese Boy inspired Dog Names

Japanese inspired Dog Names (Boy)Meanings
🐕 Hotarufirefly
🐕 Keikoblessed child
🐕 Kyocooperative
🐕 Haruspring
🐕 Akiraclear
🐕 Hirogenerous
🐕 Akibright
🐕 Daikinobility
🐕 Pikachuanime character


Top popular Japanese Dog names


There are numerous reasons for popular Japanese canine names. Firstly, they can be drawn from so many charming components of Japan and its culture – its history, geography, arts, food, technology, style, and people. And then, of course, the Japanese language is so full of spellbinding sounding phrases that convey lovely imagery.

Top popular Japanese Dog namesMeanings
🐕 Haruspring
🐕 Masatorighteous
🐕 Itsukitimber
🐕 Makotosincere
🐕 Naoki honest tree
🐕 Tamotsuprotector
🐕 Akiobright man
🐕 Osamudisciplined
🐕 Daikigreat glory

Japanese Akita Dog Names

Japanese Akita Dog Names

People spend months, even years; thinking about simply the proper call for a baby, so why not put that same energy into choosing Akita names for a new puppy? Names are more than only a label. A call may be a superpower you deliver your new puppy, one that will ultimate a lifetime.

Japanese Akita Dog NamesMeanings
🐕 Hiro generous
🐕 Kin gold
🐕 Michi pathway
🐕 Nori law
🐕 Sora sky
🐕 Yori public servant
🐕 Yuki snow
🐕 Yoshi nice
🐕 Kaitoupportive



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